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Nurse Chloe

My poor baby girl had a horrible stomach flu that lasted six days.  It was awful and exhausting for both of us.  On Thanksgiving, I finally caught the bug and got sick in the middle of cooking:(  The next day I was pretty much laid out on the couch or in bed.  Pete even took the day off of work to care for me and Chloe.  Chloe was so sweet to me.  She would bring me pillows and crackers and her favorite stuffed dog to make me feel better.  She would periodically check on me to make sure I was still “happy.”  I was in total awe of her kindness and compassion after she said things like “I’ll take care of you Mommy” or “I’m so sorry you’re sick.  I’ll make you feel better.”  She made funny faces to make me laugh and gently rubbed my arm to soothe me.  Chloe even “cooked” me some soup in her kitchen.  At one point, I didn’t quite make it to the bathroom and ended up vomiting in a bowl in the hallway.  Chloe ran right over, knelt next to me and said “Its okay, Mommy.  I’m right here.  Just take a deep breath.”

How did she become so kind and understanding?  How did she survive this flu for six days with such spirit when I could barely stand it for a day?  How did she watch her mommy get sick and not get upset but instead try to comfort me?

I love her.  She is the sweetest girl I’ve ever known.  

Oh, and Pete was great too.  Not only did he take care of me, but he bought me ginger ale and tabloid magazines AND organized the kitchen cabinets!


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